Violin Varnish Ltd.

From the Ground up

There are many approaches, in both materials and artistry, to varnishing a violin.
The following is not a "method". It is an illustration of compatible materials available from
Violin Varnish Ltd.

Varnishing a Violin: The order of application.

Polished White Instrument

White wood dry burnished after final surface is developed.

Balsam Ground

Balsam Ground system applied.
Instrument is sealed and ready for color.

Golden Undercoat

Varnish applied: Baltic Amber Golden Brown.
One coat.

Brown/Orange Color Coat

Varnish applied: Dark Rosin Violin Varnish mixed with
Alizarin Orange Color Concnetrate and Alizarin Purple Color Concentrate.
One Coat.

Dark Varnish Top Coat

Varnish applied: Pine Resin Sandarac Mastic Violin Varnish.
Two coats.

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