Practical & Artistic Violin Varnishing: 2018 Skokie IL of April 21st -28th

Practical & Artistic Violin Varnishing

 April 21st -28th, 2018


We thank you for your interest in the 2018 Violin Varnish workshop.  This week long course is designed to advance and refine each participant’s varnish technique and build upon each individual’s artistic vision.  Our focus is on application and sight training: ground coating, wood color, varnish layering, mixing color and a variety of application and polishing techniques will be addressed.  We will explore the history and evolution of violin varnish.  Through good information and informed choices, varnishing a violin is a simple and straightforward and fun process.  Each of us has extensive experience in varnishing and teaching and we are committed to making this part of violin making successful and enjoyable for you.

Staff: Joe Robson,     Marilyn Wallin,   and   Todd Goldenberg


The Workshop will be held at the Chicago School of Violin Making in Skokie, IL from 4 pm Saturday the 21st of April until 12 noon on the 28th of April.

If you would like to attend the 2018 Varnishing Workshop, contact Joe Robson @ or call 607.387.9280 during business hours Monday through Friday.


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