Price List 2017



                              Violin Varnish Ltd. 



                                                        Joe W. Robson 


Ancient Alchemical Formula for Varnish 


Prices 2017 



Stradivari Cochineal Varnish Kit$300 

1 oz. Cochineal Varnish 

2 oz. Base Varnish 


Greek Pitch Violin Varnish 

Gold, Brown, Arancione, Rose$75 / ounce 


Alizarin Color Concentrate Varnish$ 60 / ounce 

Orange, Purple, Dark Rose 


“Clear” Varnishes  

Color only from the resin 

Dark Amber, Pale Amber, $ 50 / ounce 

Pine Resin Sandarac Mastic 

Dark Rosin, Pale Rosin Varnishes 


Balsam Ground Kit 

[Sufficient for 3 violins or 1 cello]$ 100 


Aged Wood Colors 

to be used with Balsam Ground$ 20 / ounce 

Gold, Red Brown, Gray Green, Dark Brown