Alizarin Color Concentrates


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Alizarin Color Concentrates


The hues of Alizarin, the coloring agent in Madder root, are the traditional range of colors for violin varnish. Alizarin Color Concentrates are made in Alizarin Orange, Alizarin Scarlet and Alizarin Purple. The ancient method of attaching the color directly to the oil produces a varnish which translates a maximum of coloring power to a minimum of varnish film thickness. The clarity, brilliance and lightfast qualities of these concentrates are unsurpassed. The colors are fully formed Dark Rosin Varnishes and are available as long oil varnishes. The colors may be used on their own or mixed, or mixed with other varnishes.

Top: Alizarin Orange Color Concentrate
Center: Alizarin Purple Color Concentrate
Bottom: Alizarin Scarlet Color Concentrate
All concentrates are Dark Rosin Violin Varnishes

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