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Balsam Ground

The Balsam Ground System


the raw surface by changing the way the wood reacts with ambient moisture. It provides surface protection with a polishable sheen which has little or no film thickness.

the deep natural translucence of the polished wood providing a radiance and clarity of detail which can be seen at any angle. The illuminated subsurface remains clearly observable under the varnish.

the color of the wood, rather than coloring the wood fiber. The Balsam Ground brings out the golden tones of the wood and preserves the natural contrasts of the wood’s own color.

the instrument for varnishing, without filling the pores or chemically altering or degrading the wood structure.

Balsam Ground Solutions and Balsam Ground Varnish
are made from the oleoresins which naturally occur in Pine, Spruce, and Larch trees and are produced in large quantites to protect the tree when it is wounded. As the tree dies and is cut and dried for use, the aging process creates both physical and chemical changes in the wood. If the products of aging are separated from the process of aging they can be used to enhance the structure and appearance of tonewoods in a manner similar to aging but intensified to give the properties desirable in a good varnish ground. A series of applications of balsam extracts infuses the wood with these products of aging. The successive applications combine with the wood and catalyze one another. This hardens and stabalizes the wood. The final application is Balsam Ground Varnish which also acts to harden the previously applied oleoresin solutions. Since the Balsam Ground Varnish is a coodked linseed oil varnish, it also adds protection and polishability.

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