Workshop: Practical and Artistic Violin Varnishing 2024

Violin Varnish Workshop 2024

Directors: Joe Robson – Aubrey Alexander Todd Goldenberg

“Practical and Artistic Violin Varnishing”

Presented in cooperation with the Chicago School of Violin Making

Understanding the materials: Ground, Color, and Varnish

and Application techniques to create your varnish.

The workshop focus is on application.  Understanding the components and interaction of the materials will be addressed as we varnish.  Participants are required to bring at least two instruments.  One in the white and one prepared with a Ground.  Each of the directors will also be varnishing an instrument during the workshop.  We will explore the whole spectrum of approaches to a finished instrument from a four coat in one week varnish to the intricacies of the Cremonese varnish.  Matching the maker’s vision of the finished instrument to the correct materials and application techniques allows varnishing to be an intentional, controlled and enjoyable part of violin making.

Location: Chicago School of Violin Making.

Dates: 4 PM on Saturday the 20th of April and be finished at noon on the 27th of May.

To apply:

or call Joe Robson @ 607 387 9280

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